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Car Free and Carefree in San Luis Obispo County

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San Luis Obispo Car Free
3433 Roberto Court
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Phone: (805) 781-5912
Fax: (805) 781-1002

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Beacon Chiropractic

SLO Car Free Discount Offer:  $30 initial consultation, nervous system scan, examination and adjustment! **

Beacon Chiropractic specializes in balancing the nervous system through safe, gentle chiropractic techniques.

We live our lives through our nervous systems yet we rarely give any thought to them until we have some sort of problem or condition. At Beacon Chiropractic they know that your body has an inborn intelligence that runs over and through your nervous system, keeping your body in its natural state of health. It is the reason you have not had to think about your heart beating as you read these words. You never know when you might need Chiropractic services, whether you had a little too much fun on your vacation or just need to get back in alignment, they have everything you need!


Beacon Chiropractic is only 1/2 mile from the Amtrak Station in Grover Beach and near numerous bus stops!

Beacon Chiropractic Center
902 W Grand Ave
Grover Beach, CA 93433
Phone: (805) 481-1566

** Discount may not be combined with any other offer

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